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how to PIONEER CHANGE today!

Get ready for a change… in mindset!

Thank you for stopping by! It is my hope and prayer that by sharing my thoughts, my experiences, my trials and triumphs in servant leadership, motherhood and entrepreneurship you will  be inspired to trickle change in your own lives, then spill into the lives of the people around you (your tribe), which will overflow into the heartbeats of your community and flood the souls of this world making this nation a selfless one.

It only takes one. One seed planted, one idea acted upon, one mindset ignited, one life changed. Today is the day to start. Start asking yourself questions. What is it that makes your heart beat, your palms sweat, your imagination run wild. Is it creating? Is it giving? Is it helping? Is it serving? Is it leading? Is it guiding? Is it sharing? What is it? Do you have the idea or image in your head? What stops you from pursuing that with everything you have? Fear maybe? Well this girl behind the computer is fearless and one of my missions is to ignite the same type of fearless gusto in you! I leave you with these 4 questions to ponder as someone once left them for me! Write them down and give them thought. Why? Why Not? Why Not You? Why Not Now?


  1. My passion is getting to know my patients, sharing and caring, living my faith, letting go of fear

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