Saturdays are family days around the Weber house so I have decided to make the blog for Saturdays short, sweet and reflective.  Each week I will answer the same set of questions in hopes to gain insight.

Tony Robbins once said:  “Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential. Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

  1. What new resources did you discover this week?  Since this is new I will tell you a new resource I have found since moving to Yorkville.  Brinlee and I attend gymnastics at Phenom Gymnastics in Oswego Illinois.  We do this to get out of the house and have a good time together not to mention I would like to get her used to a structured class before I am her dance teacher in hopes it will help.
  2. What beautiful experiences did you share with your family this week?  This week we went back to our hometown Cornfestival and got to witness it through the eyes of our 22 month old.  It was really special and I am so glad we decided to do it.
  3. What lessons did you learn from your failures? This week I learned that I just need to be consistent when it comes to time-out.  I am in the oh so not fun stage of discipline.
  4. What is the most influential thing you have read this week? I have a block on my window sill that was given to my by my aunt.  It says, “The WORLD is waiting to hear your story.”  I started this blog.
  5. What were you able to give? My time and energy to my children.
  6. Who did you meet and add to your network? This week we met The Kendall County Regional Planning commission and they are happy we are here.
  7. What projects did you start/finish this week? I started this blog and so far I am loving it.
  8. What did you do to live a healthier life? I started eating fish and I remember I really like it!  Target has a great tortilla crusted tilapia in the frozen food section…..making me hungry!
  9. What referrals have you given and why? I refer my wonderful friend who happens to be an amazing photographer and all out amazing person.  Beth Kolar Photography is her business but really you need to meet her. She is a gift!
  10. Who has given you the most “warm fuzzies” and how do you plan on saying thank you?  My friend Jamie.  She gave me an opportunity that has reminded me that this gift I have is special.  I have already told her thank you but really 1000 thank you s would not be enough.
  11. What risks did you take and what did you learn from them? I was vulnerable and opened myself up in a blog about the struggles I was having as a mommy.  I learned that you can inspire and touch people’s lives by being real.  People respect that.
  12. What are you doing to draw closer to God? I am doing the Community Bible Experience and I am loving it!!  I love reading the Bible as a love story.
  13. What was the best thing you did for your children? I prayed with them.
  14. What was the best thing you did for your husband this week? I am spending quality time with him tonight!!
  15. Name the name of a person you met for the very first time this week.  If online counts…Darcy.