Have you ever looked at something and thought, “That is a beautiful mess.”  Chances are most messes cause you anxiety, frustration, feelings of being overwhelmed or all of the above. I know that most messes do that for me. However, some of the most beautiful messes in my life right now would be our family room covered in fuzzy pom pons, race cars, plastic food, crayons and baby dolls, our toddler who usually has syrup in her hair, dirt under her finger nails and some sort of macaroni and cheese based crumb mixture on her face and then our infant who smells of a mixture between lavender lotion, spit up and poop.  Ha that made me laugh out loud.  Yes these are the beautiful messes of our life as of right now.

There is a period in my life that I also refer to as the “beautiful mess”.  Oxy moron yes but here is why. On the outside looking in my life at the time was a mess and just very reckless all together.  The beautiful part is this is exactly where I met Jesus, when i was completely and utterly a mess.  To this day when I think of how awful I was to my heavenly father year after year I am brought to tears and so thankful  that He never walked away from me like I had from him.  This Grace is the greatest gift I have ever received. It wasn’t a one time thing either, this is a  Grace that I am covered in everyday.  As a christ follower I am not proud, I am humble.  I am humble for the love I am given even though I do not deserve it. I am humble He still calls my name after I have neglected Him time after time.  I am humble that He has chosen me to be the wife of my husband and the mother of His beautiful creations. I am humble He has called me for a mission greater than myself.  Although I cannot predict the future, I know I am guided by His whisper and oh how great it is!!