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Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

Swami Sivananda

Balancing your life’s “checkbook”

“It’s good to have money in the bank, but after you balance your checkbook, be sure to balance your LIFE. Take account of the deposits and withdrawals from your joy, family, and health. Take time today to make any necessary adjustments in case of overdraft.” Misty Lown of More Than Just Great Dancing TM.


These are some very powerful words.  Think about it.  What are you depositing and what are you withdrawing from all three of those areas.  Are they equal???  I am reminded of a message we received at Community Christian Church where our teaching pastor BT Norman talked about money robbing you of your joy.  If you let money control your life, it will consume your life.  It will rob the joy right out from underneath you if you do not have a healthy relationship with it.  I know firsthand this is very hard to do.  I have been at a lot of different spectrums when it comes to money and any time I am focused on that and not on God, evil prevails.  I always remind myself that you cannot serve both money and God and none of it is mine anyways, it is all His.  The best way we have a healthy relationship with money is through a budget.  My husband, Brian does all of the nitty gritty work of keeping us on task but it has helped us tremendously and without that we never would have been able to purchase this land and fulfill God’s will.  So I tell you it is worth the time and research to come up with a good budget plan that works with your family and help put that joy back into your life.

Speaking of family what deposits and withdrawals are you making from your family.  Are you depositing your time, your talents, and your resources into the ones you love or are you taking their time, their talents and their resources?  It is a good honest question to ask yourself.  For me, I am working on depositing all three things but find it very difficult to do at times and often feel pulled in different directions.  This is where I usually need to stop and ask myself, what is the most important thing that I can do to invest in the lives of my family.  This always helps bring me back to what is important and sets my priorities in line.  As far as withdrawing from family, I feel like with the launch of YPAC we will be asking a lot of our family.  We will be asking for their time and their talents to help us build the very best center that we can.  It is my hope and my prayer that I can continue to deposit as I withdrawal from them.

When it comes to health, I have overdrafted one too many times.  I will admit I am not the best person when it comes to taking care of me.  I know what I need to do, but doing it is another issue.  I drink way to much diet coke and not enough water, I don’t get a lot of sleep, I probably don’t eat as much as I need to right now while I am nursing our 3 month old, I haven’t stretched in who knows how long therefore, injuring my hip and back and there are times when I can enjoy a good party a little too much.  I recently went to the doctor after having not been to one in over 2 years and found out that my vitamin D is extremely low.  My number is a 15 and they like to see it at a 40 at least.  This was an eye opener that things need to change.  Having thought about each area of my life, I realized this is the one that is the worst.  So I have made a decision to take control of it little by little.  I will start my personal training today at the gym, start to cook a little healthier, and go to bed at a decent time, take my vitamins, drink more water and in general just take care of myself.  It is important.  God has given me a big job as a mother to my girls and the director of a new business and I need to be healthy in order to do both well.

So take a minute and reflect.  Is your “checkbook” of life balanced?  In what areas do you need to deposit more so you don’t overdraft?  This was a very revealing blog for me.

Thanks to Misty Lown for making me think!


Saturday’s Snip-It 10-5-2012

Saturdays are family days around the Weber house so I have decided to make the blog for Saturdays short, sweet and reflective. Each week I will answer the same set of questions in hopes to gain insight.

Tony Robbins once said: “Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential. Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

  1. What new resources did you discover this week? I got into the new managment site for More Than Just Great Dancing which is an affiliate program for dance studios. We are a full arts center and this is going to help our dance department be a leading force in positive education in our community.
  2. What beautiful experiences did you share with your family this week? I heard my baby girl pray out loud for the very first time.
  3. What lessons did you learn from your failures? I fail on a daily basis as a mommy but my little girl forgives me everytime she hugs and kisses me. It is the love that I show her that she will remember.
  4. What is the most influential thing you have read this week? This week I would say it was The Books of the Bible, the community bible experience. I am loving it!
  5. What were you able to give? My friendship
  6. Who did you meet and add to your network? Dr. Kwak and she is amazing. Wonderful family physican.
  7. What projects did you start/finish this week? We started getting quotes for the build out on the building. It is exciting!
  8. What did you do to live a healthier life? I will start personal training on monday!
  9. What referrals have you given and why? I will definately be referring Dr. Kwak because she was so great!!
  10. Who has given you the most “warm fuzzies” and how do you plan on saying thank you? Misty Lown, the owner of More Than Just Great Dancing affliated studios program. I am not sure exactly how I am going to thank her but I will find a way!
  11. What risks did you take and what did you learn from them? I spoke up for something I believed in on facebook. I learned that people are much bigger behind their computers than they are when confronted.
  12. What are you doing to draw closer to God?
  13. What was the best thing you did for your children?
  14. What was the best thing you did for your husband this week? Complimented him on being an amazing husband. He is a words of affirmation kind of guy and I always want to make sure is love tank is full!
  15. Name the name of a person you met for the very first time this week. Melissa Kwak….man Dr. Kwak got 3 plugs in this post!

Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint

When we started the renovation project we knew that we did not have a lot of money to spend.  We are “all in” so to speak having bought this property all the while still waiting for our house in Morris to sell.  So we did everything we could to save on things that were not necessities.  I am sure you have all heard of Pinterest by now and if you have not you need to, but I will give you this warning first, caution if you have any sort of addictive personality.  It sucks you in and won’t spit you out for hours.  I have lost time pinteresting.  Well one “repin” I had been an oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  I decided instead of buying all new doorknobs and hinges I would spray paint them.  The doorknobs and hinges turned into the kitchen track lighting, a candle holder, light fixtures and the well pump.  See that is where the addictive personality kicks in again.  Brian and I laughed and he said before long I would have everything spray painted oil rubbed bronze…he was only half-joking.

Well today I went downstairs to do the laundry as I do several times a day and noticed the basement door knob is rubbing off and again my “analogy loving” mind got to thinking.  It has rubbed off because I use it the most.  Then I started thinking about people and how they rub off on each other when in contact a lot.  Have you ever been with someone who is really positive and encouraging and you walk away feeling like you can conquer the world?  Or vise versa have you have been around someone who is always complaining and looking at the glass half empty and walk away feeling down in the dumps.  The people you surround yourself with have a huge impact on you.  So I got to thinking about the people I am in contact with day-to-day and what kind of message I am rubbing off.  There are definitely some areas I need to grow in but the important part is I know I am living out God’s will for my life.  My ongoing prayer is that God uses me in a powerful way to impact the lives that He has put in my path.  So stop and think.  What message are you rubbing off to the people in your life.  Is it a positive one?  Maybe it is not, maybe you are going through a tough season in your life and you feel as though there isn’t a lot to be positive about.  It’s ok.  I hope you will find comfort in the fact that God knows exactly where you are at and it is ok to be exactly where you are at.  Trusting Him can be hard but He will see you through it.

Now I must go check the other door knobs…If I’m going to spray one might as well spray the others.


A beautiful mess

Have you ever looked at something and thought, “That is a beautiful mess.”  Chances are most messes cause you anxiety, frustration, feelings of being overwhelmed or all of the above. I know that most messes do that for me. However, some of the most beautiful messes in my life right now would be our family room covered in fuzzy pom pons, race cars, plastic food, crayons and baby dolls, our toddler who usually has syrup in her hair, dirt under her finger nails and some sort of macaroni and cheese based crumb mixture on her face and then our infant who smells of a mixture between lavender lotion, spit up and poop.  Ha that made me laugh out loud.  Yes these are the beautiful messes of our life as of right now.

There is a period in my life that I also refer to as the “beautiful mess”.  Oxy moron yes but here is why. On the outside looking in my life at the time was a mess and just very reckless all together.  The beautiful part is this is exactly where I met Jesus, when i was completely and utterly a mess.  To this day when I think of how awful I was to my heavenly father year after year I am brought to tears and so thankful  that He never walked away from me like I had from him.  This Grace is the greatest gift I have ever received. It wasn’t a one time thing either, this is a  Grace that I am covered in everyday.  As a christ follower I am not proud, I am humble.  I am humble for the love I am given even though I do not deserve it. I am humble He still calls my name after I have neglected Him time after time.  I am humble that He has chosen me to be the wife of my husband and the mother of His beautiful creations. I am humble He has called me for a mission greater than myself.  Although I cannot predict the future, I know I am guided by His whisper and oh how great it is!!

Couch Cushions

Yesterday Brinlee, my 22 month old, found a bobby pin, picked it up and tried to put it in her ear.  You see she knows that she is not supposed to do this so as she does she gives me her sneaky, sly, mommy I’m really cute so don’t take this away, smile.  I take it away from her and stuff it down the side of the couch hiding it away so she doesn’t see it.  As soon as I did this today’s blog came to mind and got me thinking.  My couch cushions are home to many little treasures; bobby pins, safety pins, pens, q-tips, rubber bands, coins, cheerios, a plastic bag, a dirty diaper (yes I’m serious and I have no idea how long it has been there) and many crumbs from various little treats that Brinlee has consumed.  Most of these items I have stuffed down in fear that Brinlee will poke her ear drums out, swallow, stab her sister with, stab me with, stick up her nose…you get the idea.  Well what does that have to do with today’s blog?  I got to thinking about the things, my weaknesses that I stuff away in my life’s “couch cushions” in fear of what other people will do with them.

Will they take my weakness and judge me, talk about me, laugh at me, be passive aggressive, empathize with me or relate to me?  Well here it goes I am pulling out my cushions for all to see because let’s face it we all feel better when they are clean.  The thing that has lived in hiding for a long time is that I have everything under control and the truth is there are days I am screaming on the inside, crying on the outside, and all I want to do is go rock in fetal position in the corner for a while.  Take yesterday for example.  I had hit a wall and lost it.  God gave me Brian for many reasons one being that he is my rock and he knows exactly what to do on these days.  My vent to him went a little like this: (inserting caution…this is not pretty) this is not a blame it is more of a vent and once I get it out I think I will feel better. I know that being a stay at home mom was the job we chose that was best for us and the girls. I will never regret that. I also know I am not perfect even though I try so hard to be. So with that being said there are times I want to scream and run away. I would only tell you this because I know you love me. The job has gotten to me today….Every day I cook 3 meals, load and unload this dishwasher, do at least 2 loads of laundry (wash, dry, fold, put away), clean up the house, breast feed 8,000 times, calm screaming kids, get hit, kicked, yelled at by a toddler who I feel as though I’m failing daily, try to teach her right from wrong, all while feeling terrible about myself because I usually never put make up on or do my hair, am always in the pjs I slept in, have mascara under my eyes because I actually did put make up on but didn’t have the energy to wash my face or shower last night, I smell like baby spit up because it is covering my arms and all down my shoulder and back, usually have ugly roots, ugly toes, torture myself for not handling a situation with Brinlee better and feel bad that I can never spend alone time with Brinlee during the day because Haven needs me so much. I am jealous of you who gets to leave everyday to spend time in a quiet office with adults, who gets to be the “fun” dad almost all the time, gets the biggest greeting when you come home, gets to do social gatherings and never have to worry about how much milk you have in the fridge and what are the most important times it needs to be used for. A very ugly side of me seethes whenever someone asks you about mowing and you say it’s actually like escaping into your own thoughts for 5 hours….I can’t even get my own thoughts for 5 minutes without interruption let alone 5 hours. I cry usually during nap time when I can finally take a breath like I am now and there are days like today when I am afraid to stop and actually think because I know I will just lose it.  My heart is racing as I re-read this knowing I am putting my most vulnerable self out there but it is a step I need to take knowing I don’t have it all under control all the time and that is ok.  I also realize that this sounds like a spoiled brat whining and that there are much bigger problems in the world beyond my duties as a house wife.  I am not insensative to those things.  This is just where I was yesterday.

So again I am reminded that I was not created to be perfect and it is ok for other people to know that.  I am and always will be a wonderful work in progress and I am thankful for that and I am very humble.  God loves us exactly where we are even on days like I had yesterday.  For a long time I thought that I needed to “clean my act up” or “get it together” before God would love me, but I quickly learned that is the farthest thing from the truth.  So each day I try to learn from the day before and today I know that it is ok for people to know my weaknesses.   My hope and prayer is that God will use me to help someone else who reads this and help them grow closer to Him.  So my question for you is what are you hiding under your “couch cushions” of life in fear of what others will do them? Would you be so bold to open them up?

Ok now I need to vacuum out my real couches…they were pretty nasty,


Our Story

Three years ago Brian and I both felt very strongly that He was commissioning us to move to Yorkville, Illinois.  We were not exactly sure as to why this area, with the exception that Brian worked here.  We looked at houses up here that year and the following year and always came back to ours thinking, “We just can’t leave the house we are in.”  Well last year was different.  We heard God remind us that it was just a house, yes a beautiful one but something material.  We knew there were bigger and greater things for our life beyond a Victorian home.  We made the decision to move.  It was then that I made a commitment to really listen for God’s direction and exactly where He would like us to grow individually and as a family.

At the time we were attending our church, Community Christian at its Shorewood location.  We were in a series called “The Ladder” which spoke of growing in generosity.  Brian and I were both so moved and knew this was the exact area in which God was working on us and we knew it would be through our gifts and talents as well as our time and resources.  We told our pastor John on a Tuesday and our family on Thursday of that same week, where God was leading us.  That very same Thursday we found out we were pregnant again with Haven Amelia. Our babies are 21 months apart and 20 years apart from our Nikki.  It was at this time that He confirmed that I needed to make another life change, a change to be a full time stay at home mom.  I believe this is my most important job and always will be.

We know that each of our daughters is a gift from God each in their own way.  Nikki has taught us unconditional love, what it means to be a family and laughter when there were days I could barely smile.  With Brinlee we were reminded that God is in control and His timing is perfect, and that He can make miracles happen.  Haven is gift for listening, following, and sharing God’s work with others and absolute peace.  I am very humble that God has entrusted me to guide these beautiful girls!

I tell you about my kids because they are a huge part of this story.  It is important to Brian and me that we are involved in the community where we and our kids will “do life.”  This is where Yorkville really became home.  We always thought that we would find a house, move and that our transition to our CCC Yorkville campus would be the last one, but on the last day of “The Ladder” series Brian and I both walked out talking about how we felt God tell us it needed to be the first transition.  Wow did He speak loud and clear with that one and for good reason.  We started coming up to the Yorkville campus a little gun shy but were instantly comforted.  Brian and I were instantly connected with family after family who seemed to either need us or we needed them.  We started sharing again what God was doing in our life and our plan to move here and the types of places we were looking at living.  We put 3 offers in on 3 different places and each one fell through for some reason or another.  I was pregnant, impatient, and frustrated, not a fun combination for my husband.  I kept wondering why it wasn’t easy if God wanted us to be here.  Then my answers came with what we now call “The Property” and future home of the Yorkville Performing Arts Center (YPAC).

We bought 6 acres with a house, 2 pole buildings, a parking lot, a stable and pasture……hence the name “The Property.”  We renovated the ENTIRE house, had a baby, and moved in just 21 days. (That’s a whole other blog to come)  You ask how?!?!?  We believe so strongly that God’s hands guided this project each and every day giving us days of rest when we needed, provided the perfect people for the perfect jobs to make things go quicker, gave us encouragement on days we were feeling discouraged, and has continued to provide each and every day.  We are so blessed and so thankful and very truly could not have done this without the people God put in our lives many of whom came from our early transition to Yorkville CCC.

I believe so strongly that there is a season to each part of life and we are currently in a season of change.  We remind ourselves and each other almost daily to enjoy the process.  There are so many times in life that you can think, “I’ll just be happy when we get to this next part.”  I have to stop myself often, look around and remember that I am happy now, right where we are at in the midst of a lot of change.  My hope and prayer is that we can be a blessing to the community of Yorkville and Kendall county through YPAC and that our children and our community’s children  will learn and grow in an environment that was created because God whispered and He chose to give me the ears to hear Him.

Still listening,


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