I am excited to say I finally started blogging!!!  I have been wanting to do so for a while now, but always wondered if anyone would be interested in what I have to say.  I now have something so exciting to share that I can’t help but talk about it with anyone who is interested and now blog about it, because I want to share this journey and our continuing story with as many people as possible! For me setting up the blog was like ripping a bandaid.  Now that I have started it seems pretty easy.

In this blog I will share why we moved, the adventure of buying the property we are in, the 20 day remodel and the have a baby 19 days early project, setting up the performing arts center, articles related to dance and music, and anything else I feel inspired to write about.  This like anything else is a journey and new experience for me so bare with me if you will.

Comment as much as you like. Ask questions….I’ll answer them as best as I know how.  I hope this is an enjoyable read and also an educational one when it comes to YPAC.

Much love and God’s blessings,