When we started the renovation project we knew that we did not have a lot of money to spend.  We are “all in” so to speak having bought this property all the while still waiting for our house in Morris to sell.  So we did everything we could to save on things that were not necessities.  I am sure you have all heard of Pinterest by now and if you have not you need to, but I will give you this warning first, caution if you have any sort of addictive personality.  It sucks you in and won’t spit you out for hours.  I have lost time pinteresting.  Well one “repin” I had been an oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  I decided instead of buying all new doorknobs and hinges I would spray paint them.  The doorknobs and hinges turned into the kitchen track lighting, a candle holder, light fixtures and the well pump.  See that is where the addictive personality kicks in again.  Brian and I laughed and he said before long I would have everything spray painted oil rubbed bronze…he was only half-joking.

Well today I went downstairs to do the laundry as I do several times a day and noticed the basement door knob is rubbing off and again my “analogy loving” mind got to thinking.  It has rubbed off because I use it the most.  Then I started thinking about people and how they rub off on each other when in contact a lot.  Have you ever been with someone who is really positive and encouraging and you walk away feeling like you can conquer the world?  Or vise versa have you have been around someone who is always complaining and looking at the glass half empty and walk away feeling down in the dumps.  The people you surround yourself with have a huge impact on you.  So I got to thinking about the people I am in contact with day-to-day and what kind of message I am rubbing off.  There are definitely some areas I need to grow in but the important part is I know I am living out God’s will for my life.  My ongoing prayer is that God uses me in a powerful way to impact the lives that He has put in my path.  So stop and think.  What message are you rubbing off to the people in your life.  Is it a positive one?  Maybe it is not, maybe you are going through a tough season in your life and you feel as though there isn’t a lot to be positive about.  It’s ok.  I hope you will find comfort in the fact that God knows exactly where you are at and it is ok to be exactly where you are at.  Trusting Him can be hard but He will see you through it.

Now I must go check the other door knobs…If I’m going to spray one might as well spray the others.