Saturdays are family days around the Weber house so I have decided to make the blog for Saturdays short, sweet and reflective. Each week I will answer the same set of questions in hopes to gain insight.

Tony Robbins once said: “Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential. Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

  1. What new resources did you discover this week? I got into the new managment site for More Than Just Great Dancing which is an affiliate program for dance studios. We are a full arts center and this is going to help our dance department be a leading force in positive education in our community.
  2. What beautiful experiences did you share with your family this week? I heard my baby girl pray out loud for the very first time.
  3. What lessons did you learn from your failures? I fail on a daily basis as a mommy but my little girl forgives me everytime she hugs and kisses me. It is the love that I show her that she will remember.
  4. What is the most influential thing you have read this week? This week I would say it was The Books of the Bible, the community bible experience. I am loving it!
  5. What were you able to give? My friendship
  6. Who did you meet and add to your network? Dr. Kwak and she is amazing. Wonderful family physican.
  7. What projects did you start/finish this week? We started getting quotes for the build out on the building. It is exciting!
  8. What did you do to live a healthier life? I will start personal training on monday!
  9. What referrals have you given and why? I will definately be referring Dr. Kwak because she was so great!!
  10. Who has given you the most “warm fuzzies” and how do you plan on saying thank you? Misty Lown, the owner of More Than Just Great Dancing affliated studios program. I am not sure exactly how I am going to thank her but I will find a way!
  11. What risks did you take and what did you learn from them? I spoke up for something I believed in on facebook. I learned that people are much bigger behind their computers than they are when confronted.
  12. What are you doing to draw closer to God?
  13. What was the best thing you did for your children?
  14. What was the best thing you did for your husband this week? Complimented him on being an amazing husband. He is a words of affirmation kind of guy and I always want to make sure is love tank is full!
  15. Name the name of a person you met for the very first time this week. Melissa Kwak….man Dr. Kwak got 3 plugs in this post!