11898603_10207672586156606_5339660685738640992_n“See you soon.” I heard it. That familiar still and steady whisper I have come to rely on. His beautiful comforting voice. For a moment I questioned what it meant and I’m not going to lie “see you soon” freaked me out a bit… “Oh God, come on. Not yet.” I thought as images of the plane crashing quickly came and quickly left my mind. I took a deep breath and began to pray and my nerves subsided as I heard, “I am here. See you soon.” I could breath, my legs were no longer numb so I turned on my worship tunes, opened my book, Jesus > Religion that Katie Owings bought me a few months ago and opened my heart and mind to receive what God had for me.

We arrived safely in Miami and made our jaunt through the airport to gate D20 where we would meet up with the rest of the team. I heard my friend Katie’s one syllable laugh and my soul was well. God brought us together to experience this together and I was thankful. I was thankful that I pushed away all doubts, all fears, all anxieties and all limiting beliefs to be at this very place at this very moment. Gratitude washed over me. We boarded the plane to Haiti.

As we landed just as I had heard the whisper “See you soon,” that morning I heard, “Welcome home!” Hmm…I wondered. I haven’t even gotten off the plane yet how could this possibly feel like I was coming home? God was about to reveal that to me.

FullSizeRender_2We hopped in the tap tap and headed to the Healing Haiti guest house. The tap tap is a truck that has a caged in back bed with benches on either side and a bar across the top to hang on to. This will be our mode of transportation for the week. While in the tap tap I couldn’t help but see the beauty around me. The beauty in the colors of the flowers, the beauty in the smiles of the Haitian people, the beauty of the community of selfless serving people I was riding with. So much beauty. I also saw the devastation. Pure devastation you cannot really describe unless you witness it yourself. I kept hearing God’s voice. “See it. Really see it.” “See my children. See my country.” I am continually seeing it and processing is unlike anything I have ever processed before. Normally it is easy for me to process my thoughts surrounding what God is giving me but this time there is so much I have had to take time with it, but the things that have been revealed, the faces and smells that are already printed on my heart and in my mind are incredibly powerful.

FullSizeRender_3FullSizeRenderWe arrived at the purple gated guest house which is simply beautiful and settled in for our first night. Every night during our circle time we give our “one word” of the day. A word that describes the day so I thought as I blogged I would share from day to day our one words. Faithful, Safe, New, Calm, Content, Excited, Lively, Anticipation, Serving, Protection, Arrived, Orchestrate, Relieved and mine was Home. Brian and I are serving alongside some incredible individuals from Impact and Healing Haiti. Tomorrow I will blog about my day today but honestly it is a lot to digest. Today’s day started with cooking breakfast with three beautiful ladies and finding out we have some things in common and also began building our rapport with one another. It was a really special moment for me in fact my “High” of the day today. Then we had Water Truck Day in Cite Soleil the poorest slum in Haiti where children and babies as young as our Gevyn run naked in the streets, play on top of garbage and glass and many quite possibly are enslaved. We then traveled to Grace Village in the community of Titanyen which translates to, “Less than nothing.” Can you imagine living and growing up in a village called Titanyen and believing that. The good news is Healing Haiti is changing that through Grace Village and Grace Church and what they have done in just 4 short years is simply amazing and only through God’s hands and feet.

I traveled with Healing Haiti but truth is Haiti is healing me,