My take away today is in reflection of a beautiful night spent with my husband celebrating the love of our dearest friends Ginger and Ray. There is something so incredibly special in watching two people join together in marriage, especially when you have been lucky enough to witness their love from the very beginning. This wedding gave Brian and I a much needed night away to reconnect and take the time to focus on each other without the kids. This time together is so important to us and although we cannot do it all the time, when we do we make the absolute most of it.
Ginger and Ray and Brian and I have been through a lot of life change together and with that change our friendships have deepened and we are bonded together for life. I was reminded last night that you can have that very deep connection without seeing each other all of the time. Anybody who has ever been to a wedding knows that a lot of people vie for the bride’s attention and a long encounter (and by long i mean 5 min or more) would be rare. Ginger allowed me to be a part of her night and as I watched her put the finishing touches of make up on I thanked God for my beautiful friend and for the intimate time with her on her very special day. Later we sat up stairs together and again she took the time to talk and just chat as friends and those are the moments I will hang on to forever.
With the busyness of life, it is important to stop, reflect and cherish these little moments. We are driving home as I am writing this and I am refreshed, reconnected and so blessed by all that was last night. It was a gift straight from God and I know he had one special angel by His side. Thank you Ginger and Ray for your friendship and your love.

Love Tank= full,