Today was AMAZING plain and simple.  I have stepped into a new service role that I believe God has called me to at Community Christian Church, Yorkville Campus.  I am the Baptism Coordinator.  Today was my first experience in my new role and I have to say  it is a blessing from God to serve in this ministry.  Going into this morning I knew of 2 people, one child and one adult that would commit their lives to Christ through baptism at our 11:00 service.  I knew I had the logistics of the morning ready to go and I had arrived early to make sure everything would run smooth and that I had enough time to set up and talk with our pastor Aaron.  My friend Cindy who attends CCC Shorewood campus came over to help me as she serves this roll as well. I am thankful for Cindy.  She helped me in areas where I needed and I was comforted knowing that I had someone to turn to.  What I didn’t know was this.  God’s plan for today’s service included three more lives that would join His kingdom and His mission.  A mother, father, and son decided today was the day.  They know and have accepted that Christ is their savior and they wanted to take that next step and publicly declare their faith through baptism.  What I also didn’t know is that I would leave church today having been a part of 5 people’s life change and with 5 new friends.  I am once again humbled that God spoke so clearly to me when He encouraged me to step up, out of my comfort zone and lead this ministry.

Taking away 5 new friends and huge blessings,