For those of you who follow me you know I have a passion for empowering students to use their gifts and talents to impact others and to share truth, grace and love with all. I’m not going to lie….I struggle with the mama bear inside of me who wants to go tearing through school systems, breaking down parent’s doors and showing them who’s the boss….but that isn’t going to solve anything and as much as I like to be, I’m not the boss of this situation. LOVE is.

Here is one girl’s story.

She steps up to the microphone, full of light and confidence. She opens her mouth and sings with a voice that would harmonize with angels.


She sits at the piano and plays with wisdom and ease as if she was born to tickle the ivories.


She graces the stage with passion and love for the art of dance making all of her hard work look effortless.


She is an artist. She is gifted but most importantly she has a heart to serve others like no one I have seen before. Her empathy could be paralleled with that of Mother Teresa’s and she is only 12.

She is also being bullied daily. Girls laugh and tease and whisper loud enough for her to hear saying, “You know who should die?…….Alex should die!” That she SHOULD DIE. Why?  Why should this even be a thought in a 12 year old girls mind. It continues.  She has plans made only to be cancelled on…on purpose, so she will sit at home alone and if that isn’t bad enough they call to make sure she is sitting home alone and torment.

Not any more. Not on my watch. Not my students. CHANGE STARTS HERE! Yes, here.

My message to this sweet young girl who I love and is loved by many.

YOU have been given a voice to share with others.

YOU have been given wisdom to discern that you are not what they say.

YOU have been given grace to extend when others hurt you, even though you don’t understand why.

YOU have been given empathy to encourage and empower those who are also bullied.

YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made. YOU are loved. YOU are enough.

So how do we end bullying? We love the bully. We pray for the bully. We get to know why the bully acts the way he/she does. Then we have grace for the bully. We have empathy for the bully. We serve the bully.

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