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“Stake your claim.” I say this phrase often to individuals who open their heart and share their passions and dreams with me. These individuals want to make their “dash” count. The  dash refers to the little horizontal line on our gravestone; the one between the date we were born into this world and the date our earthly bodies will leave it. The dash represents everything in between and how we choose to spend our time here on earth. I’m passionate about my dash yes, however I am really passionate about inspiring others to really take a look at how they are spending theirs. The dash matters to me and it needs to matter to you. Today I am “staking my claim” on how I plan to use whatever dash I have left and in sharing it is my hope that you will see yourself and your dash in this vision. I think it is big. I think it is big not because of me but in spite of me.


WITNESS is a vision from God I received three months ago and whether you are believer, non believer, a seeker or searcher, lost, confused, or indifferent I believe you will connect yourself inside of it. This vision will take a lot of people stepping up staking their own claim saying, “I am able and willing and I want to use my dash. I want to witness life change in myself and in others, I want to witness relationships being restored in my life and in the lives of others, I want to witness my community standing in the gap between the haves and the have nots and help my neighboring communities to do the same, I want to witness a world that is helping instead of hurting.” I know one thing for sure in my personal life.  I want to witness and I want to be a WITNESS. Do you?

WITNESS: Faith commanded and mountains moved.

WITNESS stands for What Is Thy Name. Empowerment, Service, Sustainability. Through this mission you will witness individuals soar, communities anchored by grace and a world where love wins. WITNESS will descend into the darkness through people like yourself saying “I’m in.”  This is darkness that is disguising itself as “normal” in today’s society. What do I mean by this?

Darkness is children fearing to go to school because they are afraid of being bullied and even worse darkness is children being so afraid of being bullied themselves that they lose their own voice and identity and follow the bullies in hopes that they will escape the torment. Darkness is our children being over sexualized daily by media. Their innocence is being exposed and exploited for the sake of ratings or marketing sales. Darkness is moms who live daily in mommy guilt because of the words other moms use passive aggressively. Listen. Women need to advocate for ALL moms. Because even if you are not a mom by giving birth I guarantee you are a mom to someone and being a mom is hard. We need each other’s support.  Darkness is blaming gun control when really we should be looking at mental illness and the medications in the blood stream of the shooters. Darkness is our youth defining their self-worth on the number of social media “likes”, “tweets”, “hearts”, and heaven help us any other symbol out there. People if you have children ages 8 or older and they are on social media this is happening in your home. Darkness is relationships slipping away from us because we hide behind a computer screen pretending like our life is that of our Facebook pictures when really we are dying inside thinking “there has to be something more than this life I am living.” Darkness is feeling the need to “photoshop”  pictures making ourselves look like the person we want to look like instead of embracing true, raw and unique beauty. Darkness is our law enforcement families having to ask the question, “will this be the last time I see them or will he/she be next,” hugging and kissing them as they leave for work.  As a spouse of a police officer you accept the first question as a reality always but the second one is now asked at the helms of a race war. I know how tough this must be, I was a spouse of a police officer. I’m not done yet.

Darkness is heroin. This epidemic is sweeping over our nation and is in our schools and communities and it is doing so right under our very noses. You know why? Because it looks “normal.” It is the drug that haunts suburban mothers and dear ladies as you are reading this I am almost positive you know someone in your life who is addicted to heroin and you don’t even know it and they are dying inside and it is very possible soon it will take their life. Trust me. I’ve witnessed it first hand and if I can use my voice and WITNESS to change just one life or family from experiencing this I will. There is a reason the pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest in America and it is ugly.  Darkness is the population living in a fantasy world addicted to porn. This is not just our men, it is women and teenagers of both sexes. It’s a problem and it is ruining authentic, real relationships every second of every minute of every day. Trust me. Darkness is addiction period.

Darkness is depression. If you don’t know or haven’t experienced it depression is a wolf in sheep clothing. It will blow down an individual, relationship or marriage built of straw or sticks and will try to take down one built of bricks. I know this first hand as I have struggled with depression in my past, watched it take down the marriages and relationships in my family and friend’s families, in my own first marriage and in the marriages of so many I love and care about. Maybe this is your own story, maybe you are shaking your head yes and saying, “I can relate.” I’m going to be really honest depression has even tried to take out my marriage to  my husband Brian. Why hasn’t it been successful? We have a marriage built of bricks and the brick layer is God. That is the one and only reason.

Darkness is that nearly half of our population lives on less than $2 a day. Let me say that again nearly HALF of our population lives on less than $2 a day. I have personally looked into the eyes of people living in these circumstances and I have been a witness to this type of poverty and my life will never be the same again.

Darkness is fear. Fear of following your dream, fear of what other people think, fear that something bad will happen, fear that you aren’t good enough, fear of failure, fear that you don’t fit in. Fear that you won’t be accepted. Darkness is fear. Period.

Darkness is real and I am sick and tired of it being the norm. Time to descend into darkness  like wildfire and let our lights shine. Each one of you reading this has a gift, talent, passion, purpose, resource or connection that can move mountains.  YOU can be a WITNESS to change. Want to know more?

If yes follow below. If not, sleep on it. If this blog rings in your ear the next day come back to it and re-read. You remembered it for a reason.

  1. Fill out the contact info form here indicating that you want to use your “dash” to help others.
  2. In the comment section type what area of darkness you are passionate about bringing light into.
  3. Share this with others. We are looking to reach as many people as possible as we breathe life into WITNESS because we know we can’t build this alone.

I do want to clarify this doesn’t commit you to anything . In the coming months we want to share the journey and if you have seen anything about the other vision God gave us (YPAC) and what happened when we stepped out in faith you know it’s something special. We are just in the beginning stages so a lot is yet to be revealed even to me but what I do know is faith commanded and mountains moved and that is the type of dash I can hang my hat on.

WITNESS: Faith commanded and mountains moved.

I’m in. Are you with me?


im in


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